Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification & Neutralization

Technologies for prevention, investigation, and mitigation
in the context of fight against crime and terrorism


Enhance Civilian C-UAV technology

The project is split in two main phases (beta and final), each one being a complete development cycle. Each phase will feed evaluation results into the next to refine the project results and activities. This iterative process will have as major outcomes two incremental releases of the counter-drone system tested in operational scenarios by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) at M19 (beta version) and M36 (final version).

ALADDIN has the ambition to achieve significant technological and scientific progresses in the fight against crime and terrorism and to deliver a C-UAV system with strong innovation potential.

ALADDIN has the ambition to progress the state-of-the-art technology in many directions in order to deliver the world’s leading C-UAV system and to generate significant new knowledge conveyed to LEAs and other stakeholders though innovative curricula. Progression over current systems will also be bolstered with ALADDIN being the first system to fully integrate radar, thermal infrared, electro-optical and acoustic sensors along with a number of neutralization effectors, operating seamlessly as a complete, customizable and easy-to-use system and providing effective support to operations through innovative Command and Control with advanced user interface.

At the end of the second phase, the ALADDIN project plans to introduce to the market an innovative product with significantly improved characteristics in terms of:

  • detection, recognition and identification capabilities, through the integration of many different and complementary sensors,
  • advanced operational support designed by the end-users for the end-users (investigations, training, user experience),
  • designed with operations constraints in mind (efficiency, deployment time, system cost, usability, resources required)
  • many neutralization options to facilitate its adaptation to all regulatory frameworks, laws and scenarios.

ALADDIN will deliver a next-generation “multisensor/multi-effector” C-UAV system instead of the traditional “1-sensor/1-effector” systems currently available.

Progress scientific research

In addition to technological evolution, significant achievements are expected also on the scientific side. ALADDIN will leverage all the recent advances in Deep Learning (DL) techniques in order to deliver a UAV detection framework, efficiently filtering each sensing modality and then combining all the data collected by the ALADDIN’s sensing arsenal. Fusing the information acquired by different sensing modalities is expected to boost the accuracy of UAV detection and tracking, leading to a new generation of such systems.

ALADIN will exploit cutting-edge mathematical techniques to generate breakthrough innovation, being the first system offering detection and classification of suspicious UAVs capabilities based on Deep Learning for both mono-modal and multi-modal scenarios. It is expected that such an all-around system will offer the highest accuracy and, thus, the best prevention from airborne threats.


Public project deliverables and other publications are available for download in REPORTS & PUBLICATIONS.