Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification & Neutralization

Technologies for prevention, investigation, and mitigation
in the context of fight against crime and terrorism


ALADDIN project in latest edition of EU research for a secure society

The ALADDIN project is included in latest edition of EU publication EU research for a secure society – Fighting crime and terrorism, including cybercrime: 2018. This catalogue, published on 2019-02-05, lists nearly 40 Security Research Projects funded under the European Commission’ Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation. It focuses specifically on projects for fighting […]

ALADDIN first Pilot tests and demo at ATLAS (Spain), February 2019

The first Pilot exercises were conducted recently to evaluate and demonstrate the Beta release of the ALADDIN platform. Representative of ‘open-field’ use cases, these experiments took place at the ATLAS airfield and test flight centre, near Villacarrillo, in Spain. The agenda included two weeks of intense activity: 21–25/01/2019: integration tests restricted to the technical partners […]

The Drone Age, Institute of European Studies – VUB, Brussels

At the outset of the “Drone Age” with the comprehensive commercialisation of drones for leisure activities, and multiple applications for professional as well as business purposes, the European Union (EU) is setting up a new policy framework for drones. The EU’s core objective is to facilitate the safe integration of civil drones into the European […]

Security Research Event 2018, Belgium

ALADDIN partner attended Security Research Event (SRE) 2018 which was co-organized by the European Commission and the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. SRE 2018 demonstrated the strength and inspiring results of security-related research and innovation activities and how these positively contribute to the work being conducted on a daily basis by thousands of security […]

ALADDIN delegates at CRITIS 2018, Kaunas, Lithuania

During CRITIS 2018 that took place in Kaunas, Lithuania and specifically during ZONeSEC event on 27/09/2018,  ALADDIN project has been presented in order to inform participants about the upcoming anti-drone system of ALADDIN. As ALADDIN anti-drone system could also ensure the security of Critical Infrastructures, the project received a warn welcome from the participants, who […]

EURACTIV Interview

Drone sector is developing at a much faster pace nowadays. However, the extension of this field has also revealed some challenges, practical and ethical ones. This was the reason why EURACTIV met ALADDIN partners, discussed with them about project’s history, its future use and Europe’s role in innovation. The key points of the interview: The […]