Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification & Neutralization

Technologies for prevention, investigation, and mitigation
in the context of fight against crime and terrorism

Italian partner at ADW 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ALADDIN partner IDS – Ingegneria Dei Sistemi has been a Sponsor of Amsterdam Drone Week – ADW18 (23-30 November 2018), the first official European platform for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Industry. At ADW18, IDS showcased its range of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems – RPAS and its Black Knight, an innovative Radar Counter-UAV system to provide protection against simultaneous and heterogeneous Low, Slow and Small UAVs in both civil and military environments. As part of the board of recommendation, IDS’ CEO presented his vision on the drone industry and the upcoming developments within IDS. The interview with IDS’ CEO The revolution of drones advises on strategic issues, which are in the interest of the sector, whereas the IDS white paper illustrates the use of new technological means to protect airports from drone incursions.