Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification & Neutralization

ALADDIN will study, design, develop and evaluate a counter UAV system as a complete solution to the growing UAV threat problem, building upon a state-of-the-art system and enhancing it by researching on various technologies and functionalities. Concept: A seamless, tightly integrated system for countering malicious drones.

Unprecedented fast situational awareness and decision making by operators

The innovative command and control (C2) of ALADDIN C-UAV system, managing the seamless operation of all sub-systems and exploiting Mixed Reality cartographic and Augmented Reality components, will speed-up the operators' localization of the target in 3D space even in adverse visual conditions. User-centered approach: End Users (Law Enforcement Agencies and Infrastructure constructors and operators) have a central role in the overall process/project.

Innovative curricula, training and demonstrations for the EU-wide take-up of new C-UAV technologies

Innovative curricula and engaging training sessions, exploiting the ALADDIN simulation capacities, will explain issues related to the UAV threat and prepare end users to efficiently run the exercises and demonstrations during the pilots. Outcomes: Two incremental releases of the counter-drone system tested in operational scenarios by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)

Pilot Project 1

The first Pilot exercises were performed to evaluate and demonstrate the first release of the ALADDIN platform (beta release). As representative of ‘open-field’ use case, these experiments took place in ATLAS test centre, in Villacarrillo, Jaen, Spain during February 2019. The two-week period of integration and testing enabled the ALADDIN technical team to assess their achievements for the current BETA version of the ALADDIN counter-drone system.

Pilot Project 2

The second Pilot exercises will be performed to evaluate and demonstrate the second release of the ALADDIN platform (final release). As representative of ‘urban’ use case, these exercises will be performed at KEMEA’s test-bed facilities at Markopoulo, Greece. As representative of ‘open field’ use case an additional test site may be selected in a rural environment close to the Markopoulo Training Facility.

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  • ALADDIN’ active participation at major European drone-related events, including scientific conferences, exhibitions and tradeshows, ensures effective project dissemination and networking with end users and regulators. Three ALADDIN End-User Workshops will be organized at milestones of the project to exchange information among partners and end-users/advisory board members as well as to disseminate information about the project results.