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RPAS CivOps 2019, Spain

RPAS CivOps 2019, Spain


23/01/2019 - 24/01/2019    
All Day


Center for Studies & Experimentation of Public Works
C/ Alfonso XII 3 & 4 ES-28014 , Madrid

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ALADDIN Partner participated & shared its knowledge in RPAS CivOps 2019, the 7th Annual European Civil RPAS Operators & Operations Forum that was held in Madrid.

RPAS CivOps 2019 is an international conference focusing on policy & regulatory matters for civil RPAS operators. It addressed operational matters, current & future applications, standard operational scenarios, Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA), operational experience, operator qualification, pilot training & qualification, test range safety rules, data protection & privacy, and the upcoming European Union RPAS regulation.

The Civil Drone Councils of France, Germany, The Netherlands & Spain gave updates on their activities. A focus was put on the harmonization of national approaches to matters of critical importance to the current & future RPAS operator community.

The hot topics that RPAS CivOps focuses are:

  • Cooperation/coordination required to harmonize national approaches
  • Implementation of the EU regulation
  • Integrating U-Space & ATM
  • Experience using SORA
  • Standard operational scenarios
  • Pilot training & qualification
  • Operator qualification
  • Standards (open category)
  • Standards (specific category)
  • Safety rules for test ranges
  • Data protection & privacy