Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification & Neutralization

Technologies for prevention, investigation, and mitigation
in the context of fight against crime and terrorism


The overall concept of the ALADDIN project is the development of a seamless, tightly integrated system for countering malicious drones.

Therefore, it will study and assess existing relevant technologies, regulations and SoEL implications in order to design, implement, integrate, and demonstrate a scalable platform extending state-of-the-art capacity for the detection, localisation, and neutralization of UAVs with unprecedented accuracy and effectiveness. Technical developments will be constantly guided by the advice on operational aspects provided by the end-user component of the ALADDIN consortium.

The ALADDIN platform will tightly integrate multiple modules materializing the three core sub-systems:

  • the detection, classification, and localisation sub-system
  • the advanced command and control (C2) sub-system
  • the neutralization sub-system

The complete capabilities will be available through the advanced C2 sub-system, that will receive data from the detection, classification, and localization sub-system and will filter, fuse, and analyse the collected information though novel deep learning techniques to provide the operator with accurate and robust UAV threat detection information. It will support decision making to utilize the neutralization sub-system.

ALADDIN will also accommodate innovative functionalities enabling the training of operators, the storage of information for simulation and after action review, the support to investigation (e.g. localization and identification of the drone pilot), and a modern 3D mixed reality interface for improved effectiveness and user-friendliness.

ALADDIN will offer upgradeability by design and contextual adaptation to support the evolution of threats, terrorist and criminal behaviours and operational practices, but also the changes of the regulatory framework and the progress of technologies.