Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification & Neutralization

Technologies for prevention, investigation, and mitigation
in the context of fight against crime and terrorism

ALADDIN Project showcased in the SAFE workshop, France

On the 7th November 2017 the ALADDIN project has been introduced by the coordinator Patrick Garnier, DIGINEXT, at the International Workshop on drone Detection, Identification and Neutralisation (DIN) organized by the SAFE Cluster in Avignon airport (Marseille area, France).
Since 2015 France was plagued with reports of drone overflights of sensitive sites and is tackling this security risk with a law proposal on “strengthening the security of civilian drones use” which should enter into force in June 2018. The goal of the SAFE seminar was to remind the needs for countering malicious drones and to present solutions coming in majority from SAFE members.
SAFE Cluster (Security and Aerospace actors for the Future of Earth) is a recently created cluster focusing on global security. Born in December 2015, from the merging of Pegase and Risks clusters, SAFE Cluster reunites almost 600 affiliates aiming to conceive and build together innovative solutions for security of people and environment.
The SAFE workshop was a very good opportunity to introduce the ALADDIN project to a variegated audience including French administrations and companies but also police forces from Spain (Policia) and Denmark, mainly linked to the Danish Centre for Defence, Space and Security (CenSec).
In addition to the presentation of the ALADDIN project, the ALADDIN members CS & MC2 Technologies performed a live demonstration of the BOREADES system. The ALADDIN system will be developed building upon the BOREADES state-of-the-art system and enhancing it by researching on various technologies and functionalities.