Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification & Neutralization

Technologies for prevention, investigation, and mitigation
in the context of fight against crime and terrorism

ALADDIN first Pilot tests and demo at ATLAS (Spain), February 2019

The first Pilot exercises were conducted recently to evaluate and demonstrate the Beta release of the ALADDIN platform. Representative of ‘open-field’ use cases, these experiments took place at the ATLAS airfield and test flight centre, near Villacarrillo, in Spain. The agenda included two weeks of intense activity:

21–25/01/2019: integration tests restricted to the technical partners of the ALADDIN Consortium;

04–08/02/2019: end-users training and demonstration open to external participants.

We had a very good demo on Thursday 7 February in the ATLAS centre of the FADA-CATEC beneficiary. Almost 80 people attended. They were very interested, judging by the questions asked relating to the anti-drone system (both formal questions and informal discussions during the day). A big screen displayed alternatively or simultaneously the ALADDIN Command and Control (C2) screen with local operational situation, infrared or camera views: this gave a very dynamic aspect to the presentation and display. In discussions the invitees seemed to be very satisfied. The flight plans of the drones were designed according to three main cases (scenarios) and included both day and night flights:

  • Drone coming from far away.
  • Drone standing nearby (grounded), taking off and invading the protected airspace.
  • Swarm of drones flying in formation and performing a coordinated attack.

For more information and photos regarding the First Pilot follow this link.

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